Thursday 5 January 2012

High Resolution Images from November 2011

High Resolution Images from November 2011
The images in the main blog have been reduced in size to 600 pixels or less across to facilitate quick loading. It goes against all my sensibilities to reduce the resolution, so each month I shall select a few shots that warrant being seen in in hi-res.

These posts may take slightly longer to load, so please be patient.

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November was a funny month with exams, bad weather and very few trips. There were only two photos worth looking at again.

The Northern Mockingbird was the best shot from a visit to Washington and Virginia, taken at the end of a cold, frustrating trip disrupted by the November storm.

Against all the odds, my favourite picture from a day out with Corey and Doug in New York, is scenery. Who would have thought it?

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  1. That is a nice shot from our day out but I must confess to being a bit heart-broken that your favorite picture wasn't one of me. :)

  2. @Corey, I am saving those for my private collection.