High Resolution Images

Since October 2010, the images on Redgannet have been reduced to 580 pixels. This enables quicker loading for easy viewing, but the quality does start to suffer if the photo has been edited and cropped.
So, if a photo warrants a showing in higher resolution, then it will be included here with the understanding that the pages may be slow to load.
Posts will include a few photos in a gallery from the month in which they were published and are linked back to the original posts..

May 2011
          Great Crested Grebe
          Saffron Finch
          Violet Whistling Thrush

April 2011
      Atlantic Puffin
         Green Woodpecker
         Blue-winged Warbler

March 2011
     Orange-headed Thrush
       Spotted Thick-knee
       African Oystercatcher

February 2011
       Northern Red Bishop
       Australian Emerald
       Indian Robin

January 2011
       Common Greenshank
       Red-bellied Woodpecker
       African Reed Warbler