Sunday 8 January 2012

High Resolution Images from December 2011

High Resolution Images from December 2011

The images in the main blog have been reduced in size to 600 pixels or less across to facilitate quick loading. It goes against all my sensibilities to reduce the resolution, so each month I shall select a few shots that warrant being seen in in hi-res.
These posts may take slightly longer to load, so please be patient.

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These Black-tailed Godwits were flying out to see if the tide had receded enough to allow them to start feeding in the Thames Estuary near Oare Marshes.

Any African pictures are always going to make it onto my favourites list. Just inside the gate at the Kruger National Park in South Africa was an Impala receiving a grooming from a Red-billed Oxpecker.

Lake Panic provided a delightful couple of hours during the visit to the Kruger NP where a family of Goliath Herons kept us all entertained.

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