Thursday 21 April 2011

Meadow Pipits

Skomer is the most easterly and the furthest removed of the Caribbean Islands, so much so that it has been claimed by the Welsh. Call me optimistic, but I had brought along some sun tan lotion and had occasion to use it, which is surely a first for anyone visiting the land of the Red Dragon.
The weather has been stunning on Skomer this week and I have given my affections to an unlikely bird. I have fallen for the Meadow Pipit over the far shorter-odds favourites, the Puffin and the Short-eared Owl.
Perhaps it was the surroundings. The rocks are covered in algae, lichen and small precariously clinging plants which give the pipit a perfect perch. Even the rough grasslands are covered with hummocks from the dead grass and the burrowing birds to give the pipits a stage that they lack elsewhere.
Most of the times that I see them, they are up to their necks in grass and don’t present a good aspect, but on Skomer they stand up proud and positively glow.
Skomer can be found off the south-west Welsh coast at Google Earth ref; 51 44’ 17”N 5 17’ 38”W

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