Tuesday 17 December 2013

Johannesburg, December 2013

It was an interesting weekend to be in South Africa. The people still smiled quickly and danced and sang through their loss. Businesses were open and life went on. 

The media concentrated on Mandela’s legacy of freedom and forgiveness and it was clear that the light of his influence still burned brightly.

It will take a couple of days to collate and write the birdy posts from my visit, so please enjoy these pictures until then.

To the southeast of the city is a large area of reed beds known as Marievale Bird Sanctuary. Follow the link to previous posts.

A day in Pilanesberg brought 95 species of birds as well as Zebras, Rhinos and Elephants. Follow the link for a previous post if you can't wait for a few days.

The lions were seen in Krugersdorp Game Reserve to the west of Johannesburg.

“Nessi”, the juvenile Black Eagle at Walter Sisulu Botanic Gardens, is due to fledge very soon.  Africam operate Fledgewatch, a live streaming camera to view the nest. Go see a previous post here.

 Links will be made to the relevant posts once they are published.


  1. An interesting post. You were fortunate to be there to observe all this. I hope his legacy does continue to be so positive.

    It's an appealing lion image, and I'll look forward to the future posts as it's somewhere I'd like to visit.

  2. I visited South Africa in 2008. I was encouraged by what I experienced and even though there is much to be done, it seemed to me that a good deal of progress had been made. I admire Nelson Mandela more than any other human with whom I have shared my time on earth. Please accept my best wishes for the continuing harmony of all the people of South Africa; indeed, of all the people of the earth.