Friday 16 September 2011

High Resolution Images from August 2011

High Resolution Images from August 2011

The images in the main blog have been reduced in size to 600 pixels or less across to facilitate quick loading. It goes against all my sensibilities to reduce the resolution, so each month I shall select a few shots that warrant being seen in in hi-res.

These posts may take slightly longer to load, so please be patient.

Any month that includes a trip to Cape Town will surely feature in the hi-res post. This Common Sandpiper was feeding at the edge of the big lake at Paarl Bird Sanctuary.

This is a Speckled Mousebird from Bontebok National Park during an unexpectedly sunny interval.

While I was patch-sitting in New York for The Management at 10,000Birds, who were taking their holidays and leaving their birds un-watched, I came upon this American Woodcock at Jamaica Bay.

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Other galleries can be found at the dedicated High Resolution page.

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