Friday 9 September 2011

Google Earth may not be perfect.

I adore Google Earth. It is surely the most wonderful exploration tool for any traveller and even enables me to give directions to local taxi drivers for sites that I have never visited.
But it does have one limitation that I have discovered.
When giving co-ordinates to pinpoint a particular place, Google Earth is normally very accurate, but sometimes defaults to the nearest address with a registered voter. This may be a little distance away from the intended point, or, in one case, over 25 miles! So, be aware if you intend to rely on this information.
Copy and paste the co-ordinates from the Redgannet post into the search box on Google Earth, then check the co-ordinates at the bottom of the screen and adjust manually by moving the curser as necessary.
If you have not yet tried Google Earth, treat yourself by following this link for free download.
Even if you do not use it to stray from the well trodden paths, it can track mobile phones and GPS systems in cars and give a 'live' update on traffic speeds on any road in the world. That feature alone is surely worth the few moments of download time.

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