Sunday 17 May 2009

A big thank you

Photos for the blogs from Sydney and the return leg in Singapore are made possible by John 3:16.
This enigmatically named photo supply shop in Funan Plaza, Singapore was able to help me when no-one else was prepared to do so.
I had already fired 800 shots and used up 3 batteries. I don't usually get so trigger happy and so I do not carry the charger with me.
When I went to Harvey Norman to ask if it were possible to charge a battery, the salesman could not help me. In Song Brothers, The salesman tried to sell me a charger. I already have a charger as well as one for my phone, i-pod, computer etc. I don't need any more. I just want a boost. 
The Canon shop tried to sell me a new battery. "Is it charged?" I asked, "No, but you could buy a charger."
It seemed that my request was beyond the ken of mortal retailers. Then I met Samual Gan. His shop is named for the biblical quotation John 3:16. With a smile, he took my batteries and suggested I came back in a couple of hours. Mr Gan did not expect me to make a purchase and refused a contribution for his time and energy.
So a big thank you toMr Gan and his staff.

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