Monday 25 March 2013

A quick hit for Cape Town

This is a quick hit for a Cape Town visit. A trip to New York was cancelled, so I was sent here instead. Ah well!

With hundreds of photos to sort through, it’s going to be a while before I can get all the posts posted, so here is a quick taster.


Strandfontein Water Treatment Plant attracts Greater Flamingos that filter feed in the pans. They were joined by almost 70 other species during my visit, including a Common (Rock, depending on your taxonomical allegiance) Kestrel.

Fynbos is a heathy, scrubby habitat characteristic of the Cape. It has its own unique animals such as the Southern/Lesser Double-collared Sunbird.

The summer is drawing to a close in the southern hemisphere, but the weather is still fine. As I sat in a hide at West Coast National Park, I couldn't help but contemplate that looking out across a windswept bay in March in South Africa was markedly different to a corresponding day out in New York.

I will update and make links to the posts as I catch up.

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