Wednesday 10 March 2010

Happy birthday to me

On 10th March, Redgannet has been blogging for one year. Incidentally. Martha Fox is celebrating 10 years of today. How auspicious.
After 75 posts, I thought I might like to take stock.
There has been a schism to separate the odontologists from the ornithologists, a naked woman and a huge beer debt built up in favour of GL. Thank you to those of you who have left comments and encouraging e-mails, I appreciate it very much.For those of you who like lists here are a few for my first 12 months on-line.
The numbers as at 10th March are as follows:

Bird species seen; 799

Lifers since 10th March 2009; 29
Sites visited; 79

Top 3 birds by number of sightings;

1 Mallard – 27 sightings
2 Common Starling – 23 sightings
3 Common Moorhen – 22 sightings

So what is the point of going abroad?
Top 3 birds by individuals;
1 Dunlin – 15,208
2 Northern Pintail – 4539
3 Northern Shoveler – 3061

So what is the point of going abroad?
Personal favourite top 3 birds;
Perhaps I should do this one in reverse order.
3 Bearded Reedling, Kent, UK, April 2009
2 Malachite Kingfisher, Johannesberg, June 2009
1 Elegant Trogon – Phoenix May 2009

Let’s not forget the mammals with a top 3 personal favourites;

Also in reverse order
3 Lion – Nairobi July 2009
2 Naked Woman – Los Angeles August 2009

1 Ratel – Johannesberg October 2009

Personal favourite top 3 photos;

3 Anna's Hummingbird, San Francisco, Feb 2010
2 Orange-breasted Sunbird, Cape Town, Jan 2010

1 Willet, Los Angeles, Jan 2010

Most memorable moments:
3 Marsh Owls hunting over Marievale, Johannesberg, June 2009
2 Taking up dragonfly watching.
1 Lion hunting hartebeast in Nairobi NP.


  1. happy birthday red

  2. What a great year heresto many more Jimmer

  3. B anniversaire! Thierry

  4. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you