Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Happy birthday to me

On 10th March, Redgannet has been blogging for one year. Incidentally. Martha Fox is celebrating 10 years of today. How auspicious.
After 75 posts, I thought I might like to take stock.
There has been a schism to separate the odontologists from the ornithologists, a naked woman and a huge beer debt built up in favour of GL. Thank you to those of you who have left comments and encouraging e-mails, I appreciate it very much.For those of you who like lists here are a few for my first 12 months on-line.
The numbers as at 10th March are as follows:

Bird species seen; 799

Lifers since 10th March 2009; 29
Sites visited; 79

Top 3 birds by number of sightings;

1 Mallard – 27 sightings
2 Common Starling – 23 sightings
3 Common Moorhen – 22 sightings

So what is the point of going abroad?
Top 3 birds by individuals;
1 Dunlin – 15,208
2 Northern Pintail – 4539
3 Northern Shoveler – 3061

So what is the point of going abroad?
Personal favourite top 3 birds;
Perhaps I should do this one in reverse order.
3 Bearded Reedling, Kent, UK, April 2009
2 Malachite Kingfisher, Johannesberg, June 2009
1 Elegant Trogon – Phoenix May 2009

Let’s not forget the mammals with a top 3 personal favourites;

Also in reverse order
3 Lion – Nairobi July 2009
2 Naked Woman – Los Angeles August 2009

1 Ratel – Johannesberg October 2009

Personal favourite top 3 photos;

3 Anna's Hummingbird, San Francisco, Feb 2010
2 Orange-breasted Sunbird, Cape Town, Jan 2010

1 Willet, Los Angeles, Jan 2010

Most memorable moments:
3 Marsh Owls hunting over Marievale, Johannesberg, June 2009
2 Taking up dragonfly watching.
1 Lion hunting hartebeast in Nairobi NP.


  1. happy birthday red

  2. What a great year heresto many more Jimmer

  3. B anniversaire! Thierry

  4. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you