Thursday 11 February 2010

Jack Snipe in Mote Park

Can’t stop.
I just want to put it out that the Jack Snipe is back on the old pond at Mote Park, Maidstone.
I met Dave Sergeant there and he pointed out the Water Rail that frequents the pond. We changed position to get a different angle and suddenly, there was the snipe. It must have been there all along, but did not register. The camouflage is superb. Only when it starts it's characteristic bobbing does it become visible.
After a while the rail became impatient with us giving all our attention to the snipe, so he chased it away.
"Possibly it is considering a nest close by", suggested Dave.
The Jack Snipe did not go too far and stopped on the far bank by the water's edge.More when I come back from San Fransisco.

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