Tuesday 10 March 2009

Red Gannet is Blogging

I have a site. I have a name. Red Gannet is blogging.
my name is Red Gannet. Are made up names for blogs still called pseudonyms? Noms de blog perhaps?
I live in the UK, but my employer, bless him and keep him healthy, sends me abroad most weeks.
If I am not kept under constant supervision, I escape the cities and head for the hills. or the mountains, or the deserts or the swamps.
There I chase animals and take their pictures. Mostly birds, but when luck shines, I may find some fur amongst the feathers.
Sadly my immediate family do not share my interest, so I have a hard drive full of pictures that no-one will ever see.
I was inspired recently to start a blog to share my pictures with anyone who may be interested. "What's the chances?" were the motivating words from close friends.
What I plan to do (let's not forget that this is my first post so everything is conjecture) is to show pictures in galleries. A gallery will include pictures of a selected species of bird or animal. The criteria for selection will be; I have some photos of the selected animal or bird. The galleries will be retrospective from my collection to start with.
Soon I hope to include trip reports. Since I am rubbish at keeping details in my head for too long any retrospective trip reports are likely to be wildly innaccurate and should not be relied upon. But if I can only retain information until I get home and blog it down, it may be relevant.
So, that's the plan.

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