Thursday 12 March 2009

How to do Blog

I am new to this blogging lark and I'm having some issues. So if you are a blogger and you think you can help, read on.
First off, it would help to know if anyone out there is following my efforts. Then I would know how much I need to worry about these issues. Please say hello if your passing.
My biggest concern is the picture quality. Nothing looks better on a blog than a good sharp shot. Yet mine have been pixillated to within an inch of their tiny lives. (I have just accessed the blog from another computer and the photos appear to OK on a different moniter, so I shall explore the possibility that it my moniter needs updating. Still, any thoughts...) Can anyone suggest how I can sharpen them up? They are sharp in "my pictures", but seem to like the pixillated life online.
When you go blogging and are composing a new post, is the editing area very small? Mine is.
And another thing.... When I compose a post and lay it out within the editing window, it all shifts around when I view in in preview and it is different again when I upload it.There seems little point in getting artistic in my layout during composition when it will be shuffled about for upload.
All advice and tips are gratefully received.

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