Saturday 22 October 2011

High Resolution Images from September 2011

High Resolution Images from September 2011

The images in the main blog have been reduced in size to 600 pixels or less across to facilitate quick loading. It goes against all my sensibilities to reduce the resolution, so each month I shall select a few shots that warrant being seen in in hi-res.

These posts may take slightly longer to load, so please be patient.

The links will take you to the original post.

This was taken using manual focus to get through all the greenery. The Green-lined Brush-finch would not come out to have his picture taken.

Blue-faced Darners were seen by the hundred at Parque Ecologico de Xochimilco. I was thrilled to get this picture of one in flight.

If it is possible to twitch a butterfly, then this was it. The Adonis Blue was hunted down for a special post on 10,000 Birds. Go on, use the link, they need the traffic.

Other galleries can be found at the dedicated High Resolution page.

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