Wednesday 20 July 2011

Hakovshim Garden, Tel Aviv

It happens from time to time and today it hit me hard. I was in Tel Aviv and had planned a trip to Park Hayarkan, about 4kms north along the coast, but was simply unable to scrape myself out of bed. I can only fall back on a post from my last visit and add the Google Earth ref; 32 06’ 00”N 34 48’ 14”E which is where the river passes beneath the Ayalon Highway. From here, eastwards, the habitat is much more conducive to birds than the sports pitches closer to the sea.

 Spotted Prinia from 2009

Just after we arrived, I had managed a quick walk into Hakovshim Garden, close to the hotel. There was only a few minutes of evening left, but I managed to steal a few pictures of Hoopoes and White-spectacled Bulbuls. I must have been playing with the screen brightness for my camera because all the images appeared horribly over-exposed. I compensated by purposefully under-exposing all the shots only to find that I have had to re-brighten them all to show here.

The garden is only about 2 or 3 acres, but can often produce a good list of birds. A group of men are living rough here and look to have become a permanent fixture. They did not appear to pay me any attention as I walked and I did not feel threatened, they have no facilities though and have made foot placement a priority if looking for birds in the bushes.

The area closest to the parking lot is often the most productive, but also holds the highest incidence of shoe soilers. Graceful Prinias were seen here this evening with Common Bulbuls and Barn Swallows overhead. This is a great spot for migrants as they pass through.

Across the road are lawns and a few mature trees that contained Common Myna, Hoopoe and White-spectacled Bulbul. 

Birds seen; 9

Laughing Dove 4, Eurasian Hoopoe 6, Barn Swallow 25, White-eyed Bulbul 6, Graceful Prinia 3, Great Tit 2, Hooded Crow 8, Common Myna 3, House Sparrow 20.

Black-capped Jay from 2009

Hakovshim Garden, Tel Aviv, TLV

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