Friday 11 June 2010

A big thank you

Today, someone proved to me that the spirit of honesty and integrity is still to be found in Britain. I do not know who you are and I doubt that you read this blog, but apart from the ad I took in the local paper, I have no other way of thanking and showing my appreciation to such a thoughtful person.
I had dropped my binoculars on the common at Thursley in Surrey, but only realised when I came to pack everything back into the car. I rushed back out onto the heathland trail boardwalk, hoping, but not expecting to find them where I had been watching 4 Hobbies hunting. I must confess to a little cynical suspicion of other walkers on the common, but I was proved wrong when I found the binoculars hung on a tree exactly where I pessimistically thought they would have been stolen from.
I have always maintained that you get a “better sort” of person in Surrey and I am delighted to have been proved right. Thank you.
Ps I saw some dragonflies too.
The River Wey near Dockenfield runs beneath Huntingford Bridge as a large stream, lined with alders and with cattle fields on either side.
Beautiful Demoiselles were abundant here, the males splendid in their blue/green sheen.  
The females bronzed, less noticeable than the showy males, but still a beautiful sight.
A Banded Demoiselle had caught one of the myriad of mayflies that formed spiralling clouds above the water.
This mayfly must have put up quite a fight as the demoiselle’s eye appears to be stove in.
At Thursley Common, we saw a Keeled Skimmer, some Four-spotted Chasers and a few Large Red Damselflies. The Hobbies were racing about probably hoping for dragonflies too, but did not stay around for long.
The concentration of odes was still quite low, so I guess they didn’t find much to keep them in the immediate area.

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