Saturday, 14 July 2012

It's just not Cricket

The English fascination with weather and summer sports is a mis-match of Olympic proportions. If London 2012 were restricted simply to the indoor sports and swimming, then perhaps we could make a show of it. As it is, part of the opening ceremony will feature artificial rain! Why? Are we not getting enough?

The ground has been saturated by the wettest drought in recent memory. The Cricket Club at Hythe, Kent, is built on sand, yet still the pitch was covered with standing water.

The umpire, Mr M. a. yarrellii gave the order to remove the covers so that a wicket inspection might be made, but he didn't look confident that play cold go ahead today.

Captain L. a. argenteus of the home team tried to convince him that a few overs may be possible between the showers.

Eventually he had to agree that play should be abandoned, but rather than see his players go untested today, he instigated some catching practice in the outfield.